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No decoration, no make up, no fancy costume! We just want to record the most real and natural little StarFace and its awesome expression!

2017 Oct.1 - Oct.31 Vsimage Anniversary Goody Bag! $168 Only! Including16'' x 16'' Canvas Frames x 4!




Vancouver Kids Fashion Week is a bi-annual runway experience showcasing fashion and products that range from toddlers to teens, owned and operated by VFW. They 2017 Fall Season Runway Show Case will be hold on September 23/24. Vancouver Kids Fashion Week's premier season showcasing Fall-Winter 2017 from designers like Lanvin, Moncler, Little Miss Aoki, Velveteen Clothing, Lilly et Louis and more. Kid designer, Jessica Hu, kid performances, workshops and many more! 



We truly believe that having photos for kids helps us 5 or 50 years down the road to remember these times in our lives and helps us re-live them. Our mission is make your memory last, make all the kids, parents, families, friends to relive the joy every time they take a look at out photos and videos.


House Party

During the party we will be taking candid photos as well as individual photos of each of the kids, group photos, fun silly photos, family photos and of course photos of all the little details and decorations! Please note most of these parties were in our last studio, we now have a NEW studio and some of the themes you see are not offered anymore.